Monday, November 11, 2013

Church. Breakthrough.

I made it yesterday. We were 15 minuets late but fortunately there was a baby blessing and a bunch of stake business/announcements so we made it in time for the sacrament. I am definitely glad I went but since confronting my past and accepting that my mom is dying I have had mixed feelings towards church and the gospel in general. There has been a lot of anger, frustration, and confusion. I have had it out with God many times now, swearing and all. Thankfully I always feel better afterwards and am able to get a bit of peace and comfort.

I wish anger and frustration at God was taught as an acceptable feeling at times. Horrific things happen to us and others and anger and frustration is a perfectly healthy response. Even though I am still distant with God right now I know once I break through this, our relationship will be much stronger than before. I am letting myself feel what I feel instead of stifling the emotions because they are "bad". Anger and frustrations are perfectly healthy and normal to feel and God knows that. I was molested, my mom is dying a horrific death that is akin to watching a crash in slow motion, and you can't look or get away. If I didn't feel angry or frustrated something would be wrong with me, honestly. I am human, I have human emotions and responses and that is okay.

I have been to church only twice in the last couple of months as I am giving myself the distance and time to work through some things. Yesterday was the first time going in a long time that I didn't have a panic attack or have to drag myself to go. I wanted to go and was ready to, instead of pushing it like I was doing a while back.

I am starting to come to terms with the fact that I am not going to be at peace with what is happening to my mom. I don't have to be okay with it, it is not expected of me to. I know some member of the church would say otherwise and that I need to be grateful for this trial. To them I say, F off. You do not know the relationship I have with with my Savior and Heavenly Father so don't try and tell me how I need to feel in regards to my trials. Plus you really think they expect me to be okay with it? Hell no. In time I will find peace again, and learn to accept what is happening, but I am never going to be okay with it.

I wish we were more open in church about the trials we faced so we could be of better support to each other. I wish we were less judgemental people so that people would be more willing and open to do so.

I am currently searching for others who understand my specific situation with my mom. I just learned about a support group with people around my age in Omaha. I feel really alone in all of this. I appreciate the love and support of others but need more people who understand and who can tell me how they made sense of it all/survived it.

I know things will continue to get better all around through time but sometimes it just gets so tiring. To those who are reading this who are amidst their own trials and tribulations, I feel for you, I too understand the loneliness and confusion. You are not alone in your feelings of sorrow, frustration, anger, and confusion. I am right there with you. It will get better right?

Especially those who have lost or are losing a loved one. I understand the broken heart, the emptiness, the utter dispair, and confusion. I am wading through it myself, your not alone.

We are never alone.



  1. No one can imagine how it feels to go through what you are going through. No one knows how someone else experiences something without walking in their shoes - which really is impossible. I have also been through some extremely difficult and heart wrenching trials in my life, just like everyone else. I grew up in an abusive home and hated my life for the first 18 years. But the thing I'm most proud of about that time is that I somehow managed to turn to the Lord and it really was Him who got me through it all.
    One of my biggest regrets thus far though, is that during a later, excruciatingly painful trial I completely turned away from Him. I couldn't make myself pray and was also so angry with God, hopeless and truly alone in the world. I do think it's a normal thing to do at times, I just believe that it would have been so much easier for me if I had leaned on him rather than go it alone. It took a few years to get back to my former relationship with my Heavenly Father but of course, He took me right back in.
    I ran across this quote that reminded me of that second experience of mine and I thought of it again tonight. "The great test of life is to see whether we will hearken to and obey God's commands in the midst of the storms of life. It is not to endure storms, but to choose the right while they rage." (Henry B. Eyring) I wish only the best for you Maquel! You are an amazing lady and I feel lucky to know you and your amazing family. :)

  2. I'm not even sure how I found your blog but it reminded me of this post on another random blog by a complete stranger that I read and I thought maybe you would appreciate it.