Saturday, June 15, 2013

Something Magical Happened Today.

Happy memories of my mom just came back to me. For the longest time now I could only remember one which was of us eating plums while laying on the couch at the age of 3. I was laying on the couch just now resting and they started to come back out of the blue. 

                                                 Reminded me of Mom

Happy memories of Mom;

  • Her laugh, I could even hear it. 
  • Taking me and my friend Kyleen for a blizzard and chatting with us. 
  • Always after a performance she would take me and whoever else was with us to go get a blizzard or whatever treat we wanted.
  • Going shoe shopping for me and then eating pizza together.
  • Each day her sincerely asking me how my day was after school. 
  • Making it to every school event I was in. 
  • Her singing "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean" to Chaddy while we were in Kearns.
  • How she would get fiesty now and again.
  • The way she loved my dad and all of us kids.
  • How she was always doing something to help someone outside of the home.
  • Her unwaivering Faith and Testimony.
  • Her comforting and reassuring me.
  • How she loved chalupa's. 
  • The way she would laugh when she got together with her friends, she would laugh so hard.
  • How everyone loved and adored her.
  • Her ability to love unconditionally and so completely.
  • What an example she was to those around her and especially to us kids. I remember people always saying such great things about her, and how much she helped them in one way or another.
  • How often I would walk in on her praying, and that when she told me she would pray for me I knew that Heavenly Father would answer her prayers because of her Faith. 

I remember her, I haven't for so long. I honestly forgot her for a while, which I think was my brain's way protecting itself from so much heartache. I just don't think I could handle remembering all that has been lost until now. It is so bittersweet and I am so glad they are coming back. I really feel this is a great step in the healing process and am so thankful I have memories to hold onto now since my mother is now but a shell of who she was.  

I am so happy and gratful right now. The alzheimer's has taken my mother for now but she will live on through everyone she has touched especially us kids and dad, Alzheimer's can't take that away.