Friday, March 22, 2013

Ah Life, You Sneaky Ninja You.

1.So remember that job I was working with the 5 kids and the stay at home/homeschooling mom? Yeah, it did not work out. Apparently the kids decided they did not like me no later than two weeks in because that is when one of them told their mom that "I don't think she likes us, and I don't really like her". Cool right? Fortunately we parted on good terms and the mom still wants to give me a good recommendation. So it wasn't that I was a crappy nanny, just not the right fit. Although "not the right fit" feels like "you failed". The previous nanny was there for 5 years and honestly I think they needed to go through a nanny to hate regardless of who it was while they worked through having the other one leave them. To top it all of that same morning I strained my back again, fortunately not as bad as last time but it was not a day I want to repeat. The strain was my body's way of saying "hey stop doing this job or else". So it was really good it ended. Due to the children not liking me they did not respect me. So work was very stressful and I seriously questioned on many occasions what on earth I was a nanny and if I was even good at it. Me questioning my abilities was a good sign that it was not working and a terrible fit. 

The job was perfect timing though, I will give it that. We really needed the money since Nate's loans had not come in yet and it was great pay. I will miss those beautiful, beautiful paychecks. I really wish it worked out and was a good fit because I really felt like I was heavily contributing to our finances. With my income and Nate's part time income we were set. So I am now on the hunt again and it is frustrating. I sent out 22 job applications on a nanny site I am on the 7th of this month and haven't heard back from any of them. I applied to some new ones yesterday so hopefully I will get something with this batch. 

2. As I mentioned before I strained my back again due to stress, fun stuff. I was on a pain killers and muscle relaxer for a week and could have stayed on for a couple of more days but decided against it. I figured I would see where I was at plus constantly being constipated BLOWS (or doesn't, get it?). I took it easy after I got off the pills and only walked on the treadmill. After about a week I started going stir crazy so I started running again. I got two massages in that time frame and they were awesome (thank you awesome deal I found for 20 bucks a massage). I am feeling it today but I think it is mainly just sore from doing full body strength training at the gym. Hope I am right and it does not get bad again!

3. So we did finally see a Psychiatrist to give us advice about if I will need to change my medications in order to have a healthy pregnancy. Basically I just need to find a doctor when I get pregnant who will let me stay on my medications. I could switch them before or while I am pregnant but honestly I feel good about staying on them and not messing around with trying another medication that very well might not work. Basically I have no interest in feeling like I am living in Hell again, so I am going to pass. I have put a lot of thought into it and feel good about keeping things as they are. So eventually we will start trying and I will stay on my current medications throughout the pregnancy.
So that is my update on life, pretty fascinating right!?  Your welcome!