Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Change Change Change (I am singing to you).

So I have not written in a very long time. Honestly I am not sure were I left off and I am too lazy to go back and look so I am just going to start somewhere and go with it:D

1. I started a job Nov. 1st. I was watching an almost 3 year old and a 3 month old baby. After only being with them for six weeks they decided after the Christmas break (the mom was a teacher so  long time off) they were going to hire a family friend instead of having me come back. They told me my last day before break what was going on and that they would decide and let me know. I told them I needed to know by Jan 1st so I could get to finding a job if they did not want me back. They went with the friend and I found my current job soon after. Which was a miracle in itself because it is hard to find good nanny jobs especially so quick. I miss those kids and was really devastated for a while but it as worked out for the best.

2. My new job is being a Nanny/Mother's Helper for a family of 5 children who are all home-schooled by mom. They live on a couple hundred acres and have chicken and bunnies. So quite the change from any previous job I have had. I really like it and the kids are great. They mom and dad are awesome also. I have had to get use to listening to a lot of Christian music since that and country is all they put on. Those who know me well know that I am not a huge fan of Christian music because a lot of it sounds the same and is poorly written. Although they have Switchfoot and a few others that I play when I am the one picking.

When I was first told that my previous job might not have me back I opened up all my online nanny accounts and kept my eyes open. I was strongly impressed to do that right away and am glad I did because soon after my current family messaged me. The mom and I had a couple phone conversations and I let her know about my situation. She told me to call her back when I found out if I was staying at my old job or not. I got the news they did not want me back, called her up, set and interview date for a couple days after I got back from vacation, interviewed at Barnes and Nobles, interviewed again at their home, was hired on my way out the door, and started the following Monday.

Funny story, I almost got completely stuck in a mud pit when I pulled over to call and ask how to get to their house since I got lost. I had to rev back and forth a good 20 or so times to get out, I was worried I would have to call and ask them to pull me out! My car was totally caked in mud by the end of it, and as I was driving for the next couple days chunks would fall out of the wheel well. Classy I know.

3. Nate and I went and talked with a Psychiatrist about medications and if I needed to change them if I got pregnant. Although I would change them before not during if needed since I don't want to mess with that while I am already hormonal and cray cray. He said that most OBGYN doctors would want me to switch to a drug the doctors feel are safer and higher up on the "safe scale", but that I would be able to find one that would let me stay on and not change (The scale is A,B,C,D,X, A being safe and X being a big NO NO.) Both my drugs are class C which says, "Animal reproduction studies have shown an adverse effect on the fetus and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in humans, but potential benefits may warrant use of this drug in pregnant women despite potential risks". Which in my case where I am REALLY severe on all fronts (OCD, Depression, Anxiety) I am confident in my decision to not mess with my medications and get pregnant while on them. If I was not such a severe case I would be more than willing to dink around and TRY and find another one that works but I have already been to Hell and back twice now and I am not going to risk it willingly. Some may be appalled by this decision but they are not me and I would hope they would know me well enough to trust that I would make sure I am doing things the safest and best possible way for everyone involved. I wish I didn't have to be on medications, but the reality is I need them and after years of Hell as a kid (without meds), and sub par living since I got married (meds being off) I am not willing to risk losing the health and wellness I have right now. If it was for sure not safe then I would change medications or just adopt. But given the circumstances and the support of those around me including my counselor I am going to keep things as is and keep working to get ready to have kids in the near future.

4. So a year ago I strained my lower lumbar and I haven't been the same since. I deal with lower back pain daily. I have been going to the chiropractor once a week for a while now but that doesn't work out the muscles that are screwed up unfortunately, although it does help. Anyways for Christmas I ran across this deal that was 6 60 minute massages for 120 which is 20 bucks a pop. Massages usually run a dollar a min or more so this was a STEAL. I combined my cash presents from a couple people and bought it. I got my first massage last Saturday, it was painful but awesome. He really worked things out in my glutes and hip flexors and other places I do not know the names of and I have felt much better since. I can work out a lot easier and with a lot less discomfort, I am much more flexible. It is awesome and I am excited to go back in a week. I am super pumped because it is one massage a month so I have one a month until June BUT he told me that if I have any extra massages within that time span they are also 20 bucks for 60 min. I have been to a couple massage therapists before and they didn't actually massage for a full 60 min. They count the time you get ready, talk to them, and get dressed after so it ends up being only 45 min or so of massaging. This guys does a full 60 min which blew me away and is awesome customer service.

Anyways as you can tell I am super excited and am really happy with the results. I am trying to get into the best shape possible before I get pregnant and my lower back needs to be dealt with before we start trying.

5. Nate got back into school. YAY! Things are back on track for him and he is motivated and doing well. He is still working at Lazlo's but a lot less. Honestly my new job came at a perfect time because I make a third more than I was before which will help make up for what we are loosing with Nate working less.

Things are going well and coming together. We are still waiting on financial aid thanks to Southeast Community College never having their crap together. They have screwed up majorly at least twice now and Nate was only with them for two terms. Regardless life is good. Oh one of my friends who has been trying to get pregnant for a year and a half is now entering her second trimester! So exciting.

I had a breakthrough with my counselor regarding my mom the other day but I will save that for another post. I still need to process that one.

All is well.